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Engage us early in the process to maximize the benefits and optimize your investment. There is no way to fix the complex system that is badly designed.


This is the fun part! The one that keeps us going. Our experience and stand-alone thinking, with dedication both to high-level picture and attention to important details is what we believe is distinguishing us from an average company out there. Familiarity with best practices and innovative thinking makes us confident in the value we are adding as consultants and why we are so proud of our products and initiatives where we were key design contributors


We take on only the projects that we can efficiently scope, deliver and support.


Our company vision embraces quality over quantity concept. A small dedicated team for any project we undertake.


Working with us assumes close and dynamic communication in all stages of development and delivery of solution that is robust and modular. Ongoing and timely cooperation over the entire SDLC.


We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

Whether you need a system design help or someone to guide you through requirements gathering and development execution of your trading or risk management solution we are there to support you.



itoTrader – Options e-Trading

A platform for seamless real time electronic pricing and request-for-quote management of FX and Equity derivatives. Customizable system architecture accommodating complex e-trading workflow requirements, with state-of-art performance and user experience. User-friendly reporting and data analytics supported by embedded data querying tools, retrieving information from intuitively structured database.


About us

IT Orient Corporation was founded in 2012 and has been providing consulting services to companies in a financial sector ever since.
In 2022 we have proudly launched itoTrader, an in-house built platform for electronic trading of FX and Equity derivatives.


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